Two years later when agriculture was at a high, I decided to open up a fruit market with the snow-cone stand. Being on a major highway,  our business began to grow. Soon I built a small smokehouse to support our little league baseball team at the time. Local residents wanted me to smoke hams and turkeys for the holidays, and so why not do it? Word began to spread and sales began to increase more than I expected. 

Hello,  my name is Henry Joseph Ford, better known as Uncle Henry. I was born in Houma, Louisiana, spent time as a young boy living in Yakima, Washington near Mount Rainier. But, my fondest memories as a young boy involved growing up right outside of Sheridan, Arkansas. I was the youngest boy of seven children and my childhood was filled with hunting, fishing, crazy adventures, and eating endless amounts of Cajun food (my mother was from French descent). I graduated from Pine Bluff High School in 1968, and at the time, the nation was at war in South Vietnam. After serving a short term in the Marine Corps, I went to Vietnam and served for my country.    

 When I came home I knew I wanted to get married and start a family. It was also then that I realized that I wanted and needed to build something so that my family and I could contribute to a community close knitted together. So I began dreaming “what on earth could that be?” I then began to reminisce about my childhood memories. I was introduced as a child in southern Louisiana to snowballs (snow-cones) which were something that was unique to the hot Arkansas summers. I knew that once they were brought to Arkansas, it would catch like wildfire. So in 1983, I opened the first Snow Cone stand in downtown Sheridan, Arkansas. 

I had a friend who told me “a good barbecue sandwich is hard to find and hard to forget”. He suggested that I start cooking and selling barbecue. Once we start selling BBQ, it only seemed natural to create our own signature BBQ sauce. You can’t have good meat without a good sauce!

Along with my loving wife and seven children, we embarked on a life-changing journey. A journey filled with hard work, perseverance, and gratitude to all of our loyal customers!

 Serving others in our community is “A Family Tradition”.